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Harmony Of Wealth And Faith: The Abundant World Of Scott Ferguson

In the peaceful countryside of rural Minnesota, a kind-hearted person named Scott Ferguson emerged, deeply inspired by the loving care of his small-town doctor father and the positive outlook of his church-preschool teacher mother.

Despite facing thyroid cancer during college, Scott emerged stronger and committed his life to helping others. Moving from a career in law to financial advising, Scott established a faith-based company called Abundant Life Financial, guiding people towards a life filled with abundance and free from worries.

His book, Living the Abundant Life: A Journey to Riches Beyond Wealth, shares the transformative path he discovered. With multiple certifications, he empowers his clients to achieve overall prosperity. In Scott’s journey, dedication, and faith blend harmoniously, inspiring others to embrace abundance and find joy in their lives.

Allow us to introduce Scott Ferguson, the financial advisor who is creating a masterpiece of fulfillment for all who seek it.

“Money has a profound impact on people’s lives, and I wanted to make a positive difference, much like how my dad cared for our small community.”

Tell us a bit about you and what you do.

Scott Ferguson: I grew up in rural Minnesota. My dad was a small-town doctor who always took good care of people, while my mom was a preschool teacher at our church. Both of them loved what they did and enjoyed serving our community.

My dad would even tell patients they could call us at home if they had questions, and I remember new parents calling us at midnight asking if they should go to the emergency room.

I attended the University of Minnesota on a track and field scholarship, specializing in the 400m hurdles. During my first week at school as a freshman, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer during my sports physical. Long story short, it was a wild way to start off college.

Fortunately, they caught the cancer extremely early, and it was a type of cancer with a very high success rate. That health scare made me realize how precious life was, and at that moment, I dedicated my life to the service of others. After completing undergrad, I went to law school and focused on family law mediation, specifically mediating the division of assets in divorce cases.

Getting certified awoke a passion in me to help couples with their finances in a way that brings them together rather than tearing them apart. Eventually, I became a wealth advisor helping individuals live abundant lives.

Why did you choose to get into this line of work?

Scott Ferguson: Money has a profound impact on people’s lives, and I wanted to make a positive difference, much like how my dad cared for our small community. Initially, I considered becoming a doctor during my undergrad, but my dad encouraged me to follow God’s path for me.

Since my early teens, I had been intrigued by personal finance and even invested in my first mutual fund at age 15, guided by a family friend who was a financial advisor. Later, while involved in family law mediation, I witnessed how financial matters affected marriages.

This experience, along with my focus on finance during my MBA program, fueled my passion further. In my previous career, during a team meeting, I noticed that everyone seemed to be in a bad mood. I asked what was going on and it ultimately came down to folks being stressed about money.

Drawing on my passion for money strategies, I offered to sit down with them to discuss different tactics to help. One team member revealed that he was hesitant to talk about finances because he and his wife were getting a divorce, and everything was about to change. I empathized with him and proposed sitting with both of them to discuss the role of money in their marriage.

They agreed, and we began meeting weekly to work through things. Eventually, they reached a common understanding, and it significantly reduced conflicts in their household. Remarkably, they are still happily married today, a decade later. Following this experience, I realized that becoming a financial advisor was my true calling. My wife, who had already sensed this about me, encouraged my decision.

Although it meant starting from scratch without any clients, leaving a well-paying job in southern California, I embraced the journey wholeheartedly, knowing it aligned with God’s plan for me. The joy of aligning with God’s plan helped me grow my practice rapidly, and I am grateful for the journey He guided me through.

Scott Ferguson

What is your biggest strength as a financial advisor?

Scott Ferguson: My biggest strength is my heartfelt dedication to helping others. It drives everything we do as a team, from the exceptional care we provide to our clients to our prompt response time. Continuous learning is crucial to me, as I never want my clients to miss out on valuable advice.

That’s why I hold multiple certifications (CFP®, JD*, MBA, ChFC®, CKA®, AIF®). Beyond just financial success, I am passionate about using money for good—to create cherished family memories and enhance all aspects of our client’s lives.

“Continuous learning is crucial to me, as I never want my clients to miss out on valuable advice.”

How are you different from others in the same type of business?

Scott Ferguson: Our faith-based element is different than a lot of advisors.

The name of our firm, Abundant Life Financial comes from John 10:10, where Jesus said, “I’ve come that they may have life and have it abundant.” We view abundant life as one free of worry and full of joy.

We focus on reducing financial worry so folks can pursue a life of joy, purpose, and meaning.

What is the single most important bit of financial advice you can offer our readers?

Scott Ferguson: I appreciate Zig Zigler’s quote: “If you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” Many people live life by default rather than design, neglecting what truly matters.

They assume that working hard and climbing the corporate ladder will lead them to their ideal life. However, they often find themselves at the top of the wrong ladder, realizing their hard work didn’t fulfill their goals.

Meanwhile, they miss out on precious time with loved ones and other vital aspects of life.

Could you tell us more about your book, ‘Living the Abundant Life: A Journey to Richness Beyond Wealth,’ and what inspired you to write it?

Scott Ferguson: Our firm, Abundant Life, is dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey to living a truly fulfilling life. In pursuit of this ultimate goal, I conducted extensive research on the concept of “abundant life” and the methods to help people embark on this transformative path.

Rooted in biblical principles, my book combines personal life stories and expert insights to illuminate the path to living with an abundance mindset.

I’ve had thousands of meetings over my years as a wealth advisor, and I’ve been deeply inspired by clients who have found contentment, purpose, and joy in their lives – effectively living an abundant life.

At the same time, I’ve witnessed how a negative money mindset can lead to frustration, anxiety, and worry in people’s lives.

This motivated me to write a book that encourages individuals to pause, reflect on their priorities, and find inspiration to embark on the journey towards the abundant life. I believe they might be closer to it than they think.

Who needs your services the most and why?

Scott Ferguson: I believe everyone needs a team to help them make wise decisions.

We primarily work with business owners and people approaching retirement. These areas require more in-depth analysis and assistance due to their inherent complexity.

What is the greatest lesson learned on your entrepreneurial journey?

Scott Ferguson: The greatest lessons I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey are to believe in myself and to practice patience. When you’re trying to pursue something unique or special, others may not grasp your vision and may lack faith in it.

It’s not a reflection on them, but sometimes you need to block out the noise and recognize that you’re building something extraordinary.

They might not understand it now, but they’ll believe it when they see it come to fruition. Along this journey, I’ve realized that being patient is crucial, as things often take longer than expected.

When I think of entrepreneurship, I often use the analogy of pulling back on a slingshot. The harder you pull back, the further you go – sometimes the initial struggle is more significant, but it leads to a greater end result. If you take the easy route, you won’t be creating something unique or life-changing.

Where can we find out more about you and your book online?

Scott Ferguson: You can find more information at the following websites:

  • Our firm’s website:
  • My book’s website:

How do you balance your work life with other passions?

Scott Ferguson:  I’ve built an amazing team and have a great business partner, Bryan Dearolf, who is a 20-year Navy veteran and a former commander. We both share a passion for what we do and for our families. Having a trusted business partner like Bryan allows me to spend quality time with my family and friends.

Besides work, I love coaching my kids’ sports, so you’ll often find me on a soccer field or a basketball court coaching when I’m not at work.

As you plan your own financial future, what does retirement look like for you?

Scott Ferguson: Currently, retirement is not my primary objective. Instead, I aim to continually progress both in my professional and personal life while enjoying the journey.

Financial advising is my true passion and purpose, and I envision myself being involved in this field in some capacity throughout my life.

Even if I were to step back from being a licensed advisor, I could still see myself assisting others with their finances at my church or through pro bono initiatives.

Who is your hero?

Scott Ferguson: My dad and mom are my heroes. I’ve always admired the way my dad cares for people. Despite working long hours as a small-town doctor, he never misses coaching our sports and being present when he’s home.

As for my mom, she’s the most positive person you’ll ever meet. Her constant smile and ability to see the good in everything inspire me every day.

“The greatest lessons I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey are to believe in myself and to practice patience.”
Jed Morley, VIP Contributor to WealthDefined and the host of this interview would like to thank Scott Ferguson for taking the time to do this interview and share his knowledge and experience with our readers.


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